Experience Point and Safe Haven

Experience Point

At the Experience Point, attendees can try out different kinds of classic card games, board games, miniature war games and role-playing games, or even try being a Game Master themselves. Experience Point also features some completely new games that developers are playtesting and promoting to the public. Program at the Experience Point is beginner-friendly, but attendees of all experience levels will surely find new and interesting games to try out as well. For example, games entered into the scenario competition of Ropecon will be playtested and evaluated at the Experience Point. In addition to games, Experience Point also features a miniature figure painting station and promotional stands for other role-playing game related associations and events

Safe Haven

Safe Haven is an approachable meeting point for all attendees of Ropecon, but especially for the first-time visitors. Safe Haven offers a sanctum for anyone who is looking to meet new friends, needs help finding their way around the convention area or otherwise requires assistance or support during the convention weekend. The staff at Safe Haven will be glad to serve as your guide, show you around the convention and even accompany you to a program of your choice if you are feeling shy. Feel free to drop by to rest your feet, to play games or to just hang out and relax. Or, did a seam rip from your costume? No worries! Safe Haven also features a cosplay first-aid station. Safe Haven is organized by Nörttitytöt ry.